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If you follow me on instagram you may have noticed the fabric hoard stash I have amassed in the last few years of my quilting journey. For as long as I can remember I’ve been a ‘maker’. In grade school I used to put on craft fairs with my friend, in high school I worked at a local craft store and later on at a scrapbooking store where I taught classes as well. I flirted with making jewelry (anyone want to buy some supplies??) and have collected lots of tools and DIY materials over the years. So I think my fiancé (then boyfriend) rolled his eyes a bit when I ‘got into’ sewing.

I started buying fabric with abandon – I want ALL the things- and sometimes I even sew with it- hahaha. But seriously I love the colors, patterns and combinations one can dream up mixing and matching fabrics from designers. And I love that the end product is something tactile and useful – who doesn’t love snuggling up under a quilt and watching a movie? Or spending a warm afternoon sprawled out at Castle Island reading on a homemade quilt? (ahem I actually have to get one of my bigger tops quilted in order to do this!).

Long story short – over the past few years I have become borderline obsessed with the fabric and quilting world and right now there is a huge semi annual tradeshow happening in Pittsburg called QuiltMarket. So many of the wonderful people I follow on instagram are involved in the commercial industry of quilting – writing books, publishing patterns, designing fabric collections – and I’m green with envy over all the color and fun people are having! A real dream would be to have my own fabric collection one day. Until then, I’m happy to stalk IG for new collections, preorder my must haves, and commiserate with others who are #notatmarket.

Its done! I just wrapped up my first Whole 30 and I’m really proud of myself. I’m not going to lie and say it was all roses and rainbows, but ultimately I pulled it off, and mostly I was content 🙂 Actually, I think my 21 Day Sugar Detox earlier this Winter definitely help set me up for success. The main difference between the two programs was on the 21DSD I couldn’t have most fruits (besides unripe bananas, grapefruit, lemons & limes) but I could have dairy (on level 2), and on the Whole 30 I could have fruits (though they shouldn’t be the focus) but couldn’t have dairy. I think I’m done with eating challenges for awhile- but it sure was nice to see those numbers on the scale – down almost 12 pounds over the last 30 days! Of course, some of that I have to credit to my 3x a week training program- but I certainly notice the scale responding to the exercise more when I getting my eating in check.

The things I missed the most? I’d say yogurt, black beans and cheese. All 3 I’m planning to incorporate back into my life. And can’t forget chocolate.  Honestly, it hasn’t been as hard to ‘give up’ certain foods as I thought – the days I felt cranky were days I was unprepared – i.e. I get home from a shoot 3 hours past being hungry and have nothing in the fridge ready to go. I thought social events would be more challenging – (although I did skip out on a few) but I managed to go out for dinner (and be THAT girl ordering), navigate Easter, get ‘drinks’ (club soda and lime please), and hang out with people and not be too much of a hermit.

One thing I thought I’d be dying to get back to was Diet Coke. I am was a self proclaimed addict – having at least 2 per day. I’m on the water and sparking water bandwagon now so while of course I don’t imagine I’ll be Diet Coke free forever (mmm movie popcorn and soda) I can definitely hold off until I have a craving and not make it a standard grab and go choice.

Moving forward I’m planning on an 80/20 rule – 80% of the time I will make the healthy choices, putting ‘good’ deposits in the bank as Melissa Joulwan says, and that way I won’t feel guilty going out for the occasional brunch, drinks with the girls, or indulging with chips & salsa 🙂 And today being Cinco de Mayo- I think I’m obligated to have a margarita, no?






So, I’ve been toying with this idea for awhile now, but I’m starting a blog. Yes another one. A me blog. I have of course my photography blog, Bring to Light Photography, where I share images from my clients sessions mostly. But its such a small part of me. And really I’m not great at keeping up with timely posts over there.

I am a photographer, a designer, planning a wedding, trying to make lifestyle changes on the eating and fitness front (motivated by said wedding), a quilter, and lover of DIY. And I want a spot that I can talk about all this without alienating the clients that aren’t interested in all the other stuff I do. So, today is the day. This blog is born.