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If you follow me on instagram you may have noticed the fabric hoard stash I have amassed in the last few years of my quilting journey. For as long as I can remember I’ve been a ‘maker’. In grade school I used to put on craft fairs with my friend, in high school I worked at a local craft store and later on at a scrapbooking store where I taught classes as well. I flirted with making jewelry (anyone want to buy some supplies??) and have collected lots of tools and DIY materials over the years. So I think my fiancé (then boyfriend) rolled his eyes a bit when I ‘got into’ sewing.

I started buying fabric with abandon – I want ALL the things- and sometimes I even sew with it- hahaha. But seriously I love the colors, patterns and combinations one can dream up mixing and matching fabrics from designers. And I love that the end product is something tactile and useful – who doesn’t love snuggling up under a quilt and watching a movie? Or spending a warm afternoon sprawled out at Castle Island reading on a homemade quilt? (ahem I actually have to get one of my bigger tops quilted in order to do this!).

Long story short – over the past few years I have become borderline obsessed with the fabric and quilting world and right now there is a huge semi annual tradeshow happening in Pittsburg called QuiltMarket. So many of the wonderful people I follow on instagram are involved in the commercial industry of quilting – writing books, publishing patterns, designing fabric collections – and I’m green with envy over all the color and fun people are having! A real dream would be to have my own fabric collection one day. Until then, I’m happy to stalk IG for new collections, preorder my must haves, and commiserate with others who are #notatmarket.

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