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State of the Stash 2015

There’s something about January that feels like a fresh start. 2014 was one for the books (planned a wedding, married my best friend, had an amazing honeymoon) but I’m excited for the clean slate of 2015. Of course I’m making resolutions this year- the usual suspects (though I can happily report I have faithfully kept up with my 3x a week gym training as part of my 2014 resolutions) and some new ones as well.

One thing I really want to tackle this year and especially feeling motivated right now is to simplify and pair down my possessions. My friends can attest to the fact that my apartment is PACKED to the gills with stuff – they know not to open the bedroom door or any closets if they get invited over and to overt their eyes if they pop by unannounced 🙂 Running a business from home, all those entertaining pieces from the wedding, clothes! (those that I like wearing, the ones I hope to wear again some day, all my seasonal stuff and then those I need to say goodbye to) – I have a lot of things and I’m grateful to have them but I need to weed down to the best of the best.

One area that has absolutely exploded the past few years is my sewing supplies and stash – what once was a part of a shelf, became a bookcase, became multiple bookcases and piles and boxes and bags. And don’t get me wrong, I love it all (well most of it, working on destashing the things that no longer make my heart go pitter-patter) but I need to make a change or I’ll be buried in fabric shortly. Notice I said fabric and not quilts… I have a ‘starteritis’ issue I think a lot of creatives end up with. I have SO MANY ideas, so many sketches and plans and piles that I have a case of creative ADD.

Some things I know… my favorite part of a project is often the planning- deciding on a pattern or creating one, selecting fabrics, cutting little pieces from my scrap bins etc. and once that part if over sometimes I’m left with a bit of a fizzle and into the WIP pile it goes. So one of my sewing specific goals this year is to finish more projects. Tackle that WIP pile and at least have some completed tops 🙂 In 2014 I did make quite a few quilts completely but all were gifts – I want to make a nice big quilt this year for ME. Ironically one of my favorite parts about any craft is the organization of the supplies – special boxes, labels and cubbies that house my supplies and keep them in order. The problem of course is when my supplies overrun my allotted space! Since we’re in our place for the foreseeable future I need to pair down my stuff to fit more comfortably. That being said here are my 2015 Sewing Resolutions…

1. Finish More. Work on that WIP pile (and then my WIP bins can be filled with new and fun projects!)

2. Stash Bust. Sew from my stash as much as possible (to be honest, I already do this most of the time – I don’t usually buy fabric for a specific project, I usually just buy it because I like it- oops! The key here is more fabric out than in.)

3. Purchase Less. Weigh fabric purchases carefully and see what I’m actually using (I need me some Doe, Follie and some of the new Cotton + Steel though!)

4. Stretch. Tackle a project I wouldn’t have dreamed about sewing a few years ago – curves, y seams or the like – something to show off my sewing skills and how they have improved.

5. Savor. Enjoy the process of quilting- blog and take pictures along the way, not just the results.

6. Selfish Sewing. Make a nice big quilt for ME and snuggle under it on the couch.


On my ‘someday’ list is still figuring out FMQ – at this point though I’m not sure I want to give it a whirl – straight or organic line quilting is much more my style.

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